The Ova Domus Meae farm of Brocco Natascia is located at the foot of the beautiful village of Veroli, in the province of Frosinone, precisely in the Contrada Casalotto, which enjoys one of the most beautiful views of the entire province.


In this breathtaking context, chickens are raised outdoors in harmony with nature and free from the typical constraints of intensive farming. Natascia and her mother Enrica love to look after them with full respect for nature and their rhythms of life. In addition to the production of high quality fresh eggs, the company has extended its offering by producing egg pasta with local grains (largely self-produced) and dry pasta (water and flour) produced with their Senatore Cappelli wheat . The cultivation of fruit and vegetables in every season leads to the creation of many recipes: delicious creams, pestos and pickles. The company also owns several hectares of olive trees from which an extra virgin olive oil with an intense flavor is born, like that of the past.